Family Law

Glugover Law & Mediation is a full service family law firm. Jonathon Glugover handles cases involving adoption, child custody, and support issues.

Jonathon has worked in all areas of family law including Dissolution of Marriage, Custody Disputes, Injunctions, relocation matters and Post Dissolution Modification, Additionally Jonathon has worked on Adoptions including relative adoptions, stepparent’s adoptions and private adoptions.

Our goal in mediation is to achieve positive outcomes for all involved, with an emphasis on the children’s well-being.

If you have made the decision to separate or divorce, Glugover Law & Mediation can use mediation to help you to set up your custody arrangements, child support, division of assets, modifications to previous court orders, and all of your family law proceedings in the most caring manner.

For effective results in dealing with this process, please contact us for a consultation in our Daytona Beach office today.

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